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How to Become a Token - In His Own Words

What does it mean to be a "token" hire and how do you prevent diversity & inclusion efforts from becoming corporate theater? When we replace the fight for equality with the desire for respect and admiration, who does it really benefit? Adrian (AP) shares raw, honest words from his recent blog post, "How To Become a Token."

10 Reasons You Can't Find Black Talent - In His Own Words

Racism is a system, not an event. And corporate racism isn’t a problem to solve for Black people. It’s an organizational epidemic to address for everyone. Adrian (AP) reads an audio version of his recent blog post and speaks the hard truth: The Black talent you don’t see is a direct reflection of what you don’t do. Here are 10 reasons you can't find Black talent... that have nothing to do with the talent of Black people.

Season 2 - How Courage Works

Courage changes everything. How & who we love, where we work, and what we do all depend on our ability to fight fear. In the final episode of Season 2, Daryl and AP share what they’ve learned during one of the most courageous years of their lives. Courage is transferable, renewable and it compounds over time as we use it for others. How can courage become a weapon for change, a safe house for love, and an accelerant for truth in a world where fear seems to be in surplus?

Season 2 - Why Our Social Media Addictions Aren't Accidents

After spending 30 days on digital detox away from social media, Adrian returns to share his reflections and revelations with Daryl. They discuss how their marketing careers were focused on using and investing in social media businesses without much thought for the impact on consumers. As more research becomes available, it’s time for us to understand how Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other mobile apps profit from our attention (addiction), information (disinformation), and content (discontentment). Is this a paradox to manage or a problem to solve? What does healthy social media usage even look like?

Season 2 - How to Start Your New Job Well

50% of all new hires fail within the first 18 months. Changing jobs, careers, or companies is hard enough under normal circumstances but seems absolutely dreadful during the dumpster fire that is 2021. Adrian (aka "Mr. Change-A-Job") provides both a reality check and a roadmap for navigating the first 30 days in a new role. His simple approach involves starting any new job like a Journalist, then becoming a Scientist, and lastly a Psychologist. Adrian and Daryl discuss the key conversations, capabilities, and questions you must plan for and how to identify what type of team player you were hired to be. Learn how to "fire-proof" your first 30 days without burning bridges or starting unnecessary fires.

Season 2 - How to Handle Hard Feedback

Feedback can be a helpful gift or a harmful weapon depending on how it's given. While many of us dread the "F-word", it can be a powerful tool for building results and relationships long-term. Adrian and Daryl share the hardest feedback they've received and how they responded. They discuss the 3 types of feedback - Appreciation, Evaluation & Coaching - and how leaders use each of them to accelerate trust. What do you do when obnoxious feedback goes wrong? How can you give feedback to a boss or leader without risking your reputation?

Season 2 - Living Rich vs. Building Wealth

This episode is a confession about the bad habits that kept Adrian broke, the stupidity of living rich, and his 10-year trek to financial fitness. He confronts his own economic ignorance and walks listeners through the money mindsets he had to unlearn in order to grow. Debt is not normal. Money is not evil. Hustle is not a shortcut to a better life, a budget is. Daryl digs into the money questions Adrian gets most often (how did you "pretire" at 41?) as they discuss debt, generosity, investments, and why the most important economic decision you can make is your spouse. Ready for a wealth check-up?

Season 2 - The Property Brother

Today, Daryl manages a residential and commercial real estate portfolio worth millions but his pathway to being a property brother wasn't a straight line. Daryl reveals where he and his wife's bank account was 14 years ago (hint: it rhymes with "hero") and the mindsets, milestones, and habits that changed their economic future. From flips and loans to deals and taxes, Adrian gets a front-row seat to how housing helps create income and build wealth.

Season 2 - Oh Ye of Little Faith

Has the past year kicked your butt? Join the club. From funerals and family struggles to friendship loss and letdown, how do you cope when hope is distant? Why don't guys talk about "self-love"? This honest conversation captures uncomfortable truths about faith, healing, and wholeness as Daryl and Adrian share from the heart. Faith never grants immunity from hurt but it can help us find restoration when we need it most.

Season 2 - So You're Still Talking About Race?

This episode gets real about the recent pushback on pursuing social justice and why facts don't change people's minds. Adrian asks Daryl the questions Black Americans want to hear in a special edition of "Uncomfortable Conversations with a White Guy", and we invite listeners to a different fight - the fight for unity. What happened to all the allies from one year ago? Why are we still talking about race?

Season 2 - Career Flight Plans

Like great pilots, good leaders create the conditions for success by following a plan, trusting the crew and knowing where - and when - to land safely. When Adrian joined Patrón Tequila 8 years ago as Vice President of Digital Marketing, he had no clue how high or low the journey would go. In this candid conversation, Daryl gets Adrian to open up about the factors driving the tequila brand's rapid ascension and practical lessons for leaders in turbulent times. What does a brave career look like? When is the right time to walk away?

Season 2 - Lessons on Leaving

Season 2 kicks off with a deeper look into the "Great Resignation" happening all over workplaces. Adrian and Daryl share how they faced their financial and personal fears to make the executive exodus, and just how they'll pay the bills without the corporate paycheck. Daryl reveals his master plans to become a real estate mogul who does marketing on the side. Adrian gets real about why he only lasted 1 month as a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and what it's really like being a "house husband" who is in "pretirement." Also, listen in for what's ahead for future topics.

SEASON 2 - Intro

Daryl (DC) and Adrian (AP) are quitters. But what if leaving a job you love is the way to do work that matters? How is quitting different from losing? Why does contentment seem so fleeting? Season 2 of the UNFOLLOW Podcast kicks off with some major life updates for both Daryl and Adrian. Find out what it's like being the VP of Nothing and what's ahead in business, faith, and family. And therapy. Lots of therapy in Season 2 of the UNFOLLOW Podcast.

UNFOLLOW - 2020 Capstone Episode

What a year. As we recap the most popular conversations of the UNFOLLOW Podcast for 2020 - we also discuss what we learned along the way. "Leadership is Uncertainty." - AP

UNFOLLOW - Pro Tips: On Resumes, Interviews and Goodbyes

Resumes, Interviews and Goodbyes... In the last episode of this season, AP & DC tackle questions from listeners and share their own clumsy experiences climbing the corporate ladder. Learn why interviews are auditions not speed dates, why resumes are movie trailers not movie credits and how to think about MBAs as accelerants not requirements. How do you land the job you want, leave the job you don't or even love the job you have?

UNFOLLOW - Dangerous Decoys

Dangerous Decoys... It's so easy to pursue the perception of success instead of investing the time & sweat to actually reach your goals. But perception is never reality and this decoy has a cost. So why are we so good at getting business so wrong? Could it be we're aiming at the wrong goals to begin with? From brand awards & assignments to business titles & targets, DC and AP share how seemingly harmless decoys hurt more than we realize. They share tips for minimizing busy work and maximizing what matters.

UNFOLLOW - Leading in the Dark

Leading in the Dark... Driving at night can be four-times deadlier than daytime because of decreased visibility and increased driver error. Leading a business or team during uncertainty (or a global pandemic?) can be just as treacherous, especially if you're unprepared or overdependent on familiar tools. In this episode, AP and DC offer stories, learnings and failures from the frontlines of budget cuts, bankruptcy & re-orgs and other crises that can make or break a business. How do you build a high-trust team in times of low-visibility? Are there really proven principles we can use to navigate unproven times? We think so. Sometimes the 3 most powerful words are "I need help." Listen in and join the conversation.

UNFOLLOW - Ugly Faith

Ugly Faith... No matter what you believe, the truth of who we trust is often exposed when things don't go as planned. From an unexpected death to an untimely diagnosis, faith gets fragile when life gets ugly. In this disarmingly honest discussion, DC recounts how the past year of Johanna's cancer battle has shaped their lives and what he's learning about gratitude, hope and community. How do we support friends who are suffering without trying to "fix" them?

UNFOLLOW - What Shape Are You In?

What Shape Are You In? The state of your body has an overwhelming impact on the state of your business but who really has time to work out regularly? Whether you're rocking a "Dad bod" or look like a Greek god, why does it matter? On this episode, Daryl "Crossfit" Calfee shares his health journey and we discuss the emotional, spiritual and mental benefits of fitness as a witness to others. From fasting and resting to taking Sunday Sabbath, AP and DC candidly share lessons of fitness mediocrity and physical mastery.

SPECIAL EPISODE: Things Racist People Say

Things Racist People Say...Your response to racism reveals more about you than you think. Are you a Rejector who denies racism as a reality or a Referee who see “both sides” of injustice? On this special episode hosted by DC, AP shares the affirmation, confrontations and criticism he’s received while talking, writing and sharing about white supremacy. They explain the 5 most common responses to racism and how empathy and awareness are the foundations for building truly Anti-Racist allies. If Black Lives Matter, it’s time we start talking and acting like it.

UNFOLLOW - Work Jerks

Work Jerks... We all know them but what do we do about it? From Bullies to Brilliant Buttholes, how we deal with difficult people reveals more about us than we admit. What does it look like to be a peace-keeping, grace-giving, enemy-forgiving follower of Christ in a world of dysfunction? Adrian and Daryl confess their own Work Jerk tendencies and the tactics they've used to neutralize negative people, converting obstacles into outcomes.

UNFOLLOW - The Marriage Lies We Love

How can we build happy marriages when we're constantly repacking the baggage we brought in, the lies we believed and the half-truths we're still holding on to? Why do we spend the least time talking about what we argue about the most: sex, money and family? What happens when we stop trying to find the right person and start trying to be the right person? AP & DC attempt to talk about it on this episode without getting divorced or being banished to the couch.

UNFOLLOW - Cows, Cars & Dads

Cows, Cars & Dads...AP & DC reflect on the fathers they had, the fathers they are and the fathers they are becoming. From burning cows to runaway cars, they discuss what it takes to lead at home with children who have minds and hearts of their own. AP & DC also dish on the not-so-obvious decisions dads make each day that have an outsized impact on our families.

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