UNFOLLOW - The Origin Story

This is the origin story. AP + DC unpack where it all began almost 20 years ago in the sneaker world. They will discuss the worst good advice they received early in their careers, how to start a new job and how their faith is impacting their view on racism.
In this first episode, AP + DC lean into why its important to take on extra work early in your career. They discuss how making video content lead to a life-long bond as well as developing a creative muscle they have used for 20 years. AP teaches how to start start a job - the right way. He gives The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins to all new team members. DC discusses what it looks like to lead his family away from a season of cancer by using his understanding of his enneagram number. The boys also breakdown what is "lynching" and how they believe American Christian men are called to speak out against the sin of racism - even in the church.

Books Mentioned:
The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins
Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell
James Clear Blog - Why Facts Don't Change Minds



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